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It takes unprecedented skill and specialization to respond to all of your home improvement needs. Bridges Renovation works relentlessly to deliver exceptional work, backed by an exceptional experience.
Our home improvement craftsmen work to solve problems and achieve a level of quality that builds trusting and lasting relationships with our clients.
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Our Methods



Using a typical remodeling company might lead to delays and time consuming meetings to make sure that your home is being remodeled with your final plan in mind. With Bridges, our designer handles that for you and leaves you at ease knowing that your whole house remodel will end up exactly how you planned it out.



Are you happy walking into your bathroom everyday? Let us bring the space back to life! Our skilled design team and remodeling contractors are equipped with years are experience in the field.


Bridges specializes in bathroom remodeling services throughout. If you are looking to remodel or renovate your bathroom, please contact US today for a FREE estimate!


We look forward to working with you on your dream bathroom remodel.


If you want to add molding and trim work to your new construction home (or to customize your current home), but aren’t fully sure of what options you have, this post is for YOU! Incorporating interior trim and molding makes a HUGE custom home design statement!

Crown molding is basically the opposite of a baseboard; it is the molding installed where the top of your wall meets the ceiling. Many homes do not have crown molding because of the added expense, but it definitely is a great finishing touch in ANY room! Crown molding can be super simple or extremely ornate … and anywhere in between!



Our designer works directly with our builders to ensure that your kitchen remodeling project goes exactly as planned with no unpleasant surprises or delays. Click below to learn more about our unique design-build process and get a better idea of our remodeling workflow.


Kitchens tend to be the heart of a house. They are where families gather to make memories every single day. We want to work with you to create your ideal kitchen space equipped with exactly what you need. If organization is a big factor, our designer will work with you to understand exactly what storage solutions will work for you.

Modern Kitchen

"I was very impressed by their professionalism. The two men who did the actual work were always on time and personable. They did an excellent job. They repaired the drywall and painted the entire bathroom. Also, a new toilet was installed. My small bathroom looks 100% better. I would definitely have them do more work for us. "

John Ritchie,  Lakewood Ranch

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